PROBUS, Marcus Valerius. Hoc in volumine haec continentur.1525

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  PROBUS, Marcus Valerius.                                                                                                                

  Hoc in volumine haec continentur. M. Val. Probus de notis Roma. ex codice manuscripto castigatior...Ven. Beda de  

  computopegestum digitorum . Idem de loquela. Idem de ratione vnciarum… Haec omnia nunc primum edita. Petri Diaconi de

  notis literarum more romano libr ad Conradum Ip. Ro. Primum. Nunc primum editus. 1 Orig.

  Holzschnitt(woodcut) von einer Sybille im Triumphbogen (of a sybil standing in an arch).

  Venetiis, in aedibus Joannis Tacuini Tridinensis, mense Februario 1525. Oktav. Flexibler moderner Pergamentband (Vellum).

  4 n.n. Bll., 81 n. Bll. EA!

  Best.Nr. 6090.  FIRST EDITION of Bede's Computus, an important scientific treatise on the art and science of telling time, a

  necessary function for the scattered monastic communities in which the correct time for the cycle of psalms and prayers   

  through ordained days and years was essential. The other treatises in the volume consist mainly of lists of abbreviations in

  Roman official and legal writings, Roman religious rites and explanations of weights and measures. Sander 5902.

  Die ersten Blätter an der rechten unteren Ecke angerändert und mit leichten Wasserrand. The first five pages are restored

  at edges. Waterstains.